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IAA 2017 premiere: App keeps kids safe on the roads

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  • Schutzranzen App – anonymous, safe, commercial-free – makes it easier to see children near roads 
  • Intelligent use of smartphone as sensor for environment monitoring – valuable addition to existing assistance systems
  • Global Drive Level Certification first integration into cars via MirrorLink

Children are especially vulnerable road users – mostly due to lack of attention or drivers not seeing children near the car until it is too late. This is all set to change with the Schutzranzen app: For the first time, drivers will be alerted to children nearby before they even enter their field of vision.

The technical principle is as simple as it is compelling: The location of children and drivers is automatically identified via smartphone or GPS tracker and sent in encrypted form to the Moving Positions system. If a child comes within a certain distance of the car, the driver receives an acoustic and optical warning – even if the child is not yet visible.

Unlike other cloud-based systems, Moving Positions uses the computing power and sensor technology of the smartphone to calculate position, determine whether an object is moving or stationary and, in the future, also predict movement patterns. In this way, Coodriver creates an Anonymous Digital Position (ADP) of the most vulnerable road users. 

“Safety must not come at the expense of personal data – which is why it was so important for the app to be anonymous and commercial-free,” according to Coodriver founders Walter B. Hildebrandt and Prof. Ana Aguiar. At the same time, the app is secured against misuse, with only parents able to locate their children using the system.

The founders’ extensive experience in creating and managing ecosystems and partnerships opens up new distribution opportunities: Community built by ecosystem - The primary goal is not relevant distribution by download, but to make the ADP available as ecosystems a software development kit (SDK) for other apps as a safety feature, so that it can quickly offer added safety for as many road users as possible.

The Coodriver APD also bridges an important gap in the field of environment monitoring, since existing laser or radar-based systems rely on visibility and are vulnerable to weather conditions. “A digital position is unaffected by rain or shine,” added Hildebrandt.

“We believe that anonymous digital positioning is a valuable addition to existing systems in the field of environment monitoring and pedestrian safety. This will require some rethinking in development, but also opens up tremendous potential for the future of autonomous driving. Moving Positions is a functioning, marketable system that can be continuously expanded. Right now, we are focusing on increasing driver awareness; in the future, we will be looking at the full range of environment monitoring for autonomous driving.”

The MirrorLink version of the Schutzranzen app is the first step towards integration into vehicles. The aim is to gradually integrate anonymous digital positioning further into the vehicle, enabling new functionalities.

Contact for the press: 
Schutzranzen by Coodriver GmbH
Walter Hildebrandt +49-172-6611135

The Coodriver GmbH is a German start-up company, which has set itself the goal of using innovative technologies to increase the safety of children in road traffic. The Schutzranzen app was awarded the "auto motor und sport-mobility & safety Award" in 2016.

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